SecuriWall M3

Mobile, modular monitoring system for military infrastructures

SecuriWall M3

Mobile, modular monitoring system for military infrastructures

Efficient protection for military infrastructures

The SecuriWall M3 mobile, modular monitoring system is all about intelligent object protection, wherever and whenever you need it. Quick to set up and put into operation, it provides your property or premises with professional protection with a minimum of personnel.

Ready for every assignment

SecuriWall M3 is designed with temporary surveillance and protection assignments in mind. The system consists of a network, cameras and sensors. With its modular design, it adapts simply and precisely to the circumstances specific to each object or property and to the corresponding protection requirements. The uses and applications of SecuriWall M3 are virtually limitless. In military applications, it can be tailored exactly to the respective demands of army, navy and air-force personnel. The system handles camp and airport security with the same high levels of reliability as port security.

Quickly up and running with plug and play

SecuriWall M3 can be commissioned in a flash using plug and play. The system automatically identifies all the components present. What is remarkable is that SecuriWall M3 is powered by one mains connection only and that the entire power and data transmission uses the unique and secure hybrid network (SCS Single Cable System).

Visual intelligence for seamless protection

SecuriWall M3 contains the latest innovations in the area of video management. The IPS VideoManager system software delivers top-quality video surveillance, intelligent alarm management, scalable video recordings and alarm checks as well as many other tasks. Plug-ins can also be used at any time to expand the functional scope of the basic software.

SecuriWall M3 – the benefits:

  • Open, expandable and modular system
  • Quick and easy to set up and dismantle on site
  • Unrivalled operational readiness and maximum reliability
  • Convenient commissioning using plug and play
  • Easy operation
  • Virtually limitless expansion and networking possibilities
  • Ready for future developments and upgrades
  • Minimum personnel requirements 


SecuriWall M3

Mobility: One container for all operations

The SecuriWall M3 system is a mobile, modular surveillance system that consists of sensors, cameras and image recording for temporary surveillance and protection operations. The system predominantly consists of the surveillance centre and peripheral devices, such as cameras, sensor units, access control systems and special monitoring systems (e.g. boundary detection, drone detection). Thanks to the latest technology, the expansion options are virtually limitless. 

All the technology can be securely stored in one container. This ensures that it is easy to transport the system to the next operational location. The control centre is also located in the container. All the components are placed in the required location and connected to the control centre using a plug and play solution.


Intelligent video security with IPS VideoManager

SecuriWall M3 uses the IPS VideoManager video management system and its intelligent video analyses. The intelligent video security system automatically recognises unwanted events and reports these with an immediate alarm notification.

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