SecuriWall M1 LS

Electronic surveillance

SecuriWall M1 LS

Electronic surveillance

An invisible protective dome

Military aircraft are exposed assets. Especially when they are on the ground. Securiton has developed a surveillance system to protect them that has been used very successfully by multiple air forces: 

SecuriWall M1 LS creates a protection zone around the aircraft. Two mobile surveillance boxes are used to create a laser sensor-generated field that surrounds the jet or helicopter. If someone breaches the border of this field, the surveillance boxes give out a local warning with a visual and acoustic alarm. On expiry of a programmable pre-alarm time, the system sends an alarm notification to the alarm management application on the mobile end devices that belong to the defined recipients. 

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the system ensures that no one can get close to the aircraft unnoticed. The technical alarms, for example in the event of a power cut, eliminate the sabotage risk and ensure complete surveillance.

SecuriWall M1 LS

Protection zone can be defined easily

It is astonishingly easy to set up a monitoring zone around the object: SecuriWall M1 LS records and saves the desired zone using a person who moves around the aircraft. In order to do this, the two mobile surveillance boxes and the Analysing & Programming Unit in the kit are used. 

On expiry of a programmable pre-alarm time, the system sends an alarm notification to the alarm management app on the IOS-Smartphones that belong to the defined recipients. These people can access live images from the incident location and initiate an intervention using the saved emergency numbers. Furthermore, the app serves to focus the surveillance system.


Main functions

  • Laser-generated protection zone records any movement approaching the aircraft
  • Protection zone is easy and fast to set up
  • Alarm receipt and processing anywhere via the app
  • Interventions can be initiated in the blink of an eye
  • System control and monitoring anywhere via the app
  • Successful in military operations
  • Compatible with SecuriCloud
  • Multiple sensors can be integrated
  • Robust construction and plug connections that are developed in-house, meeting exacting operational requirements


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