Mobile object protection

For temporary operations

Mobile object protection

For temporary operations

Protection for temporary operations

Numerous armed forces trust SecuriWall by Securiton to temporarily protect their territory and objects. 

The mobile monitoring systems have been specially developed for military applications. They are characterised by a vast amount of flexibility and a high level of efficiency and robustness. Not least, the SecuriWall systems have been developed so that they can be installed and operated without any expert knowledge. 

SecuriWall systems provide you with effortless support at any operation site and can be precisely tailored to your specific requirements.

Efficient protection for military infrastructures

The SecuriWall mobile, modular monitoring system is all about intelligent object protection, wherever and whenever you need it.

Quick to set up and put into operation, it provides your property or premises with professional protection with a minimum of personnel.

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Mobile monitoring systems by Securiton

Easy to implement at any operation site

The comprehensive flexibility provided by SecuriWall provides cost-effective solutions because, at any given time, you are using the exact equipment you need at that particular time. 

Even if your operations are more modest, you are operating with the highest level of technology. State-of-the-art surveillance and analysis components provide a reliable addition to your service around the clock. Thanks to automated processes and a high level of user-friendliness, the personnel requirement for the optimum protection of your assets and sites is minimal. 

There is much more than just hardware and software in SecuriWall: Securiton provides advice, engineering, support, maintenance and training as supplementary services.

SecuriWall M3

SecuriWall M3

Robust detection systems for stringent operational requirements

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