SecuriDrone Companion

Ready to use worldwide in seconds.

SecuriDrone Companion

Ready to use worldwide in seconds.

Your companion for mobile drone detection.

Are you looking for a drone detector that you can carry as hand luggage? Should it be easy to operate and reliable? Our SecuriDrone Companion is the solution. It detects almost all drones in the air within a radius of up to 2 km and notifies you immediately.

The Companion mobile drone detector really does live up to its name. It is everything a mobile companion should be: easy to carry, always in detection and recognition mode, and a reliable guardian.

Continuous scanning enables your SecuriDrone Companion to detect remote controls, pilots and drones themselves immediately, even before they are in the air. This gives you the maximum amount of time to respond.

The secret to our success is our Companion app, which detects threats in real time and raises the alarm.

SecuriDrone Companion – the benefits for you:

Quick set-up – worldwide where you are.

Switch on, wait a moment – your Companion is ready. Anywhere in the world, fully autonomous and in any weather and environmental conditions.

Overview and operation via app.

Your own current location and the position of the drone and the pilot are shown on a map in an iOS or Android app.

Easy to transport – to any place.

Our mobile drone detection system can be used in other civil aviation safety applications as well as in motor vehicles.

Three questions about the
product for Gerd Kupferer:

How am I alerted to a threat?

If a drone or its remote control is detected, you are alerted immediately: a message is sent directly to your smartphone or smartwatch. Using the app, designated persons can also be alerted via the highly secure SecuriCloud. The alert is also recorded and can be shared or exported if required.

Does that mean follow-up action is possible?

Yes, we want to offer this option specifically to authorities and institutions that seek to impose penalties or issue warnings in the event of a drone threat. Follow-up action is carried out via the drone’s remote ID under which the owner is registered. Live flight status incl. position is recorded and can then be sent to recipients by email.

Is scaling also possible?

Securiton’s drone security systems can always be adapted to meet individual needs. As specialists, we are familiar with a wide range of options and can deploy these individually. We are able to find a solution that meets every requirement. In the case of our SecuriDrone Companion, for example, we also offer predictive maintenance monitoring by our specialists, websuites for browser-based views and installation in your own cloud.

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