SecuriDrone Agent

A faster response where you need it.

SecuriDrone Agent

A faster response where you need it.

Your agent for alarm situations and surveillance flights.

Looking for an operational drone that is always on standby to protect your property and perimeters? Need a robotics solution that enables you to plan reliably and make sound decisions? Then your security team needs a new agent – one that flies from your central drone hangar to wherever it is needed or where there is a threat of danger.

Once your SecuriDrone Agent is deployed, it performs the tasks you have defined for it. Put simply: it reports, monitors and clarifies situations. And it is extremely robust and reliable. When sensors report unauthorised persons in your defined controlled area using artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies, the drone flies immediately to the specific incident location to clarify the situation. A continuous live stream is also broadcast to your control centre via a video link. Likewise, individuals are tracked fully automatically, triggered by AI.

You can also send your SecuriDrone Agent on geographically referenced surveillance flights to monitor specific areas. Manually controlled or automatically programmed – whichever you prefer. A fundamental feature is the centralised operation and monitoring, which is enabled via the drone’s integration into your perimeter management system – the core element of the overall security structure. If an alert is triggered by a fence or video detection, for example, a message is sent to the perimeter management system and the SecuriDrone Agent immediately flies to the coordinates of the danger zone. Find out more about the perimeter management system here.

SecuriDrone Agent – the benefits for you:

Always ready for use – for your security.

There are no duty rosters or sickness-related absences for this agent. Your SecuriDrone Agent is available 24/7 and supports security personnel effectively.

On the scene quickly, when it really matters.

In hazardous situations, every second counts – and speed is one of the biggest advantages of the SecuriDrone Agent. This flying operational drone is guaranteed to get to a danger zone faster than a human being can. Even over long distances.

Fully automated tracking provides clarity.

Loaded with artificial intelligence, the SecuriDrone Agent can not only identify the person posing a threat, but also pursue them in a predefined area. Just like a real agent. It is also suitable for use as an active deterrent for intruders.

Three questions about the
product for Gerd Kupferer:

For whom is the SecuriDrone Agent suitable?
For everyone who has always taken preventive action in terms of property and perimeter protection and now also wants to gain full control over possible hazardous situations. This would usually involve high personnel costs – and that’s precisely why the SecuriDrone Agent is an effective operational drone solution that supports security personnel in the control centre.

What benefits does the SecuriDrone Agent offer?
It is fast, cost-effective and can be deployed immediately. After a simple installation process, it is ready to use – without the need for training or any further outlay. All you need are an Internet connection and a power supply and the drone is ready to go.

What added value does collaboration with Securiton offer?
We see ourselves as a systems provider and integrator. That means our scalable drone security solutions are perfectly coordinated with each other in terms of hardware and software. If you want, you can use us as dome security for complete property and perimeter protection, but you don’t have to. Each solution works independently in its own right, as well as together in combination with our other security systems. That’s essentially what sets us apart from our competitors.

We also provide personal and individual advice to our customers on selecting the right security concept based on their specific requirements. Special permits must be obtained to use operational drones like the SecuriDrone Agent. We are also happy to assist you with this.

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