Drone security systems

Modern technology secures the airspace

Drone security systems

Modern technology secures the airspace

System solutions for the detection of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Drones can pose unforeseen dangers in a military environment. The remote-controlled flying machines are cheap to obtain and easy to operate. The ever-growing number of drones also poses many risks. Currently, drones are among the most widespread technological threats from the air.

The drone detection solutions from Securiton Germany offer comprehensive functions for detecting, classifying, localising, verifying and repelling remote-controlled drones, as well as drones flying autonomously over waypoints.

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Comprehensive drone security solutions

The threat from drones – always in view

Our system solutions can determine the position of a drone. These details can be used to locate the person with the remote control even before the drone takes off. If the drone is in the air, this signal is also localised.

The information is clearly displayed on a map. This means that the security personnel can take countermeasures at an early stage.

In order to counteract the various types of control, a multi-level defence approach is necessary. Our portfolio includes countermeasures that have a minimal to no negative effect on uninvolved third parties. This includes both technological and organisational measures.

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Full object and perimeter protection

Protection for terrain and airspace

For a long time, object and perimeter protection was predominantly focused on the ground area. An ideal solution for the first three to four metres above the ground is a combination of a detecting boundary sensor and intelligent video security systems with video analytics.

Due to new threat scenarios caused by unmanned aerial vehicles, a fully comprehensive object and perimeter protection concept must henceforth also take care of the airspace above the site. Otherwise, drones can enter undetected, spy on the terrain and objects on it, or even fly in prohibited objects or carry dangerous items such as explosive devices. By means of our drone security systems, the airspace can be reliably monitored around the clock.

Drone security systems

Stationary system

SecuriDrone Fortress is a multi sensor system and detects drones and their pilots at a distance of severeal kilometres – even before take-off!

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Mobile system solution

SecuriDrone Sentinel protects your temporary operational environment. As a mobile unit, the solution offers fast installation and commissioning.

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Mobile drone detector

SecuriDrone Companion is your reliable companion as a stand-alone unit and visualises drones within a radius up to 2 kilometres via app. 

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Drone protection

Securiton Germany will be happy to advise you on the ideal solution for your drone detection and drone defence requirements.

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Operational drones

SecuriDrone Agent is always on call and departs from the drone hangar wherever it is needed or where there is a threat.

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Reference book – drone defence

A comprehensive approach to combat unmanned aircraft

The JAPCC Joint Air Power Competence Center in Kalkar published the comprehensive technical book 'A Comprehensive Approach to Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems' at the beginning of 2021. 

In collaboration with the editor, Mr. Georg Schweizer of Securiton Germany acted as the author for Chapter 20 'Cloud-based command and control for security and drone defence applications'.

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Securiton Germany is a member of the industry association UAV DACH e.V.

The industry association for unmanned aerial vehicles – UAV DACH e.V. – has existed for 19 years and is the largest German-speaking professional association for unmanned aerial vehicles in Europe. It represents the interests of over 185 members from research, production and application in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. UAV DACH e.V. stands for the acceptance, security, reliability, quality and promotion of unmanned aviation and leverages its members’ expertise to support the development of regulations and laws on a national and international level.

Find out more here: www.uavdach.org

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