SecuriWall Drone

The effective all-in-one system for drone detection and drone defence

360-degree panoramic view

The SecuriWall Drone detection system provides users with a scalable and modular solution for detecting, locating and identifying potential threats from the airspace.

Using AI-based RF pattern recognition, radar or video AI, the live position and trajectory of a drone, as well as the live position and tracking trace of the remote control, are displayed. Furthermore, the brand and model, as well as additional information (such as possible payload and range) of the drone are detected.

SecuriWall Drone offers comprehensive functions for detecting all frequencies. The intelligent system is also not misled by other objects such as bird flight, balloons or kites.

SecuriWall Drone

Drone detected – 14  kilometres away

SecuriWall Drone generates an alarm as soon as a drone remote control is switched on. This enables you to set up protective measures against the drone before it even lifts off the ground. The operational possibilities for this are almost limitless. Typical scenarios include the protection of government buildings, correctional facilities, commercial/industrial sites, power plants, airports or stadiums.

Several systems can be combined to form a multi-system, in order to cover larger areas effectively and in greater detail. An IsoLOG 3D antenna, real-time analyser and software combine to provide seamless 24/7 monitoring of the environment.

SecuriWall Drone


  • Unique 3D drone detection of all frequencies
  • Detects and locates drones controlled via mobile radio
  • Displays the drop point of transport material
  • Detection and localisation of other frequencies such as mobile phones, jammers, etc.
  • Optimised for high frequency environments
  • Scan speed 2 THz/s
  • Detects and locates the pilot or remote controller
  • 360° azimuth and 90° elevation full dome coverage
  • Detection even before take-off
  • Detects and locates any number of objects at the same time
  • Detects pre-programmed drones (without remote control)
  • 24/7 unlimited recording and synchronous playback
  • Range up to 14 km (Airport 50 km)
  • 3D and 2D representation of drone and pilot with history traces
  • 3D and 2D alarm zones definable
  • Details like drone type, battery capacity, payload, altitude, speed
  • Alarm notification on mobile devices
  • Can be used everywhere and in all ambient conditions
  • Point of interest - threat level indicator (distance)
  • All-in-one solution with RF, radar, camera, defence and software
  • Option for the integration of additional sensors
  • Option friendly drones
  • Option UTM - live air position of registered flights
  • Scalable for a wider range of coverage
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C
  • Manual control of moving cameras
  • Automatic tracking through moving cameras
  • AI image analysis for the automatic detection of drones
  • Mobile systems with control centre
  • Leasing
  • Made in Germany


  • The drone detection system was the exclusive RF-based anti-UAV solution that secured the 2018 NATO Summit in Brussels.
  • Oman is the first country in the world to install the world's first fully functional drone detection system at Muscat International Airport.
  • England’s Heathrow Airport has also decided to install the system solution.


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