SecuriWall Drone WINGMAN

Drone detector for mobile applications

SecuriWall Drone WINGMAN

Drone detector for mobile applications

The portable drone detector

SecuriWall Drone WINGMAN Pro is the intuitive, mobile alarm system that detects commercial, remote-controlled drones from long distances.

WINGMAN Pro ensures easy handling. Used in mobile applications, the system unit functions autonomously at any location, immediately after being switched on and even in the most difficult weather conditions.

WINGMAN Pro is the ideal companion for mobile applications. Even on the move, danger from the air is reliably detected and immediately reported.

Your personal guardian

Each detected drone and its remote control generates a message directly to the smartphone or smartwatch. The unmanned flying objects are visualised by means of an app.

When visualising the detection results on mobile devices, the detection radius of the remote control (and that of the drone) are differentiated by colour. Even the distance to the detector is determined and displayed.

The alarm works around the globe. Defined persons are alerted via the highly secure SecuriCloud. Even when WINGMAN Pro is operated on a stationary basis.


Technical data

  • Battery life: ~16 hours
  • Power supply: 115/230 V network adapter
  • Frequency antenna: 410-470 MHz, 850-1300 MHz, 2400-2500 MHz, 5150-5990 MHz
  • Detection time: <5 seconds
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +65°C
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Detection range: 1 to 2 km

Functionality of the WINGMAN app

  • Display drones and remote
  • Display remote ID and UTM
  • System monitoring alarms
  • Display own location
  • Live distance display
  • Alarm zone
  • Share location - Initiate interventions
  • Setup conveniently via QR code
  • Alarm reception everywhere via mobile devices (SecuriCloud)
  • Setup of local network (without cloud)

Drone detection system

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