SecuriWall Drone M2

Mobile system for drone detection and defence

With eyes always directed to the sky

SecuriWall Drone M2 offers completely new and unique capabilities for mobile and self-sustaining drone detection – including video verification. The scalable system is easy to operate. Functional use is possible in a very short time, as is dismantling after use.

Our offer for your particular application is just as mobile and individual as SecuriWall Drone M2. Designed for temporary use, our offer includes leasing or rental models in addition to the purchase option.

The mobile unit is supplied with power either via a 230 VAC connection or via the power unit supplied. In the event of a power failure, the integrated UPS takes over the power supply for four hours.

SecuriWall Drone M2

Drone tracking made easy

Alarm messages can be received in the operations centre. SecuriWall Drone M2 is equipped with a complete operation centre. Two monitors visualise site plans and live camera images.

In the event of identification, an acoustic alarm signal sounds and the necessary information is visualised by means of corresponding representations in the site plan. On the system side, the data of all alarms are recorded, both the motion tracking on the site plan and the corresponding video streams. All recordings can be filtered and evaluated at any time according to appropriate criteria.


SecuriWall Drone M2 at a glance

  • Quick to deploy - perfect for temporary protection requirements
  • System setup and deployment possible within one hour
  • External power supply unit included (for operation in a de-energised area)
  • Unique drone detection of all frequencies
  • Manual control of moving cameras
  • Automatic tracking through moving cameras
  • AI image analysis for the automatic detection of drones
  • Optimised for high frequency environments
  • Scan speed 2 THz/s
  • Detects and locates the pilot or remote controller
  • 360° azimuth and 90° elevation full dome coverage
  • Detection already at power on and before lift off
  • Detects and locates any number of objects at the same time
  • Detects pre-programmed drones (without remote control)
  • 24/7 unlimited recording and synchronous playback
  • Range up to 5 km
  • 3D and 2D display: Drone and pilot with traces
  • 3D and 2D alarm zones definable
  • Details like drone type, battery capacity, payload, altitude, speed
  • Alarm notification on mobile devices
  • Can be used anywhere, under any weather conditions
  • All-in-one solution with RF, radar, camera, defence and software
  • Option for the integration of additional sensors
  • Option friendly drones
  • UTM option: Live air position of registered flights
  • Remote ID option: Recognition of the electronic identification of the drone
  • Scalable for a wider range of coverage
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C
  • Mobile system with control centre
  • Leasing offer besides purchasing and renting
  • Made in Germany

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