Drone detection systems

Modern technology also needs to secure the airspace over military facilities and recognise attacks

Detection and defence from Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Drones can represent unknown risks. These remote-controlled devices are being produced cheaper and cheaper and are easy to operate. The number of drones in use, which is constantly on the rise, is also associated with a great deal of risk. The drones that are commercially available constitute technological threats to military interests. 

The Securiton drone products provide comprehensive solutions with detection, classification, identification and location functions for both remote-controlled drones and autonomous drones that fly via waypoints.

Drone detection

Drone attack - and now what?

Our systems can identify the position of a drone. These details can be used to locate the person with the remote control even before the drone takes off. Once the drone takes off, this signal can also be located. 

The information is clearly displayed on a map. This means that the security personnel can take countermeasures at an early stage. 

In order to counteract the various types of control, a multi-level defence approach is necessary. Our portfolio includes countermeasures that have a minimal to no negative effect on uninvolved third parties. This includes both organisational and technological measures.

Trio of measures for modern perimeter protection

Ground and air protection

For a long time perimeter protection was predominantly focused on the ground area. An ideal solution for the first three to four metres above the ground is a combination of a detecting boundary sensor and intelligent video image analysis. 

As a result of the aerial threats created by drones, a fully comprehensive perimeter protection concept also needs to take care of the air space above the location. Otherwise, drones may enter the space unnoticed and obtain information about the site and its assets or even fly in forbidden objects or dangerous items, for example explosives.  

Our drone detection systems monitor the airspace around the clock. This means that you are always aware what is happening above you and you can recognise and mitigate risks.

Drone detection systems

360-degree surround view

SecuriWall AARTOS DDS identifies drones at up to 7 kilometres away with a 360-degree surround view, even before they have taken off!

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Close-range detection

SecuriWall WATCHDOG provides areas with protection thanks to drone detection at a distance of up to 2 kilometres, even before they have taken off!

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Personal guard

SecuriWall WINGMAN is worn on the body, making it the ideal tool for security personnel, and can detect drones at a distance of up to 2 kilometres. 

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Drone defence

Securiton would be happy to advise you to find an ideal solution for your specific drone detection and drone defence requirements.

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