Security system solutions


Security system solutions

Alarm and security systems

Innovative and high-quality systems and products are the prerequisite for implementing needs-based and customer-oriented security solutions. 

As a system provider and application specialist, we do not just offer individual, autonomous security systems. Rather, we have expertise that allows us to propose and implement comprehensive security concepts and individual complete solutions.

Mobile object protection

Mobile Monitoring with SecuriWall M3

Securiton has developed mobile and modular surveillance systems specially for temporary applications in military environments. These consist of sensors, cameras and image recording for surveillance and protection operations that are for a limited period of time. 

The systems are specially constructed for operations with short set-up and commissioning times and surveillance operations with a low personnel requirement. Top-quality video transmission, intelligent alarm management, scalable video recordings and alarm reviews etc. are provided by the software.

Mobile Monitoring SecuriWall M3

Mobile object protection

Mobile Monitoring with SecuriWall M1 LS

With SecuriWall M1 LS, you can monitor assets that are under threat, such as aircraft, vehicles or cargo. Two mobile surveillance boxes are used to create a laser sensor-generated field that surrounds the asset. If someone breaches the border of this field, the surveillance boxes give out a local warning with a visual and acoustic alarm. 

It is astonishingly easy to set up a monitoring zone around the object: The system records and saves the desired zone using a person who moves around the aircraft.

Mobile Monitoring SecuriWall M1 LS

Drone security

System solutions for detection and defense of UAS

The Securiton drone products provide comprehensive solutions with detection and controlled defense for both remote-controlled drones and autonomous drones that fly via waypoints. 

Our systems can identify the position of a drone. These details can be used to locate the person with the remote control even before the drone takes off. Once the drone takes off, this signal can also be located.

Drone security with SecuriDrone

Securiton services

360° Securiton Services

Securiton has the expertise required to develop and produce key products to create individual security solutions. Various patents and invention prizes document this level of innovation expertise. A great deal of flexibility and customer-specific product adaptations are possible. 

Thanks to flexible software developed in-house, the highest level of security requirements can be met and specially adapted concepts can be implemented. The entire development, planning and production process takes place within one company - security solutions 'Made in Germany'. 


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