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The electronic sentinel: Mobile monitoring by Securiton

Finding sufficient personnel to properly guard and monitor temporary military facilities is often difficult. Mobile monitoring systems nevertheless make it easy for users to immediately monitor a perimeter on a temporary basis.

Although the scenarios vary, the need remains the same: effective protection for objects, people and assets within a perimeter. For example, you would like to know early on whether attackers are approaching an encampment or whether divers are entering a secured area by sea. However, the high level of human resources required to do so is not the only problem, human guards cannot perceive all the dangers by means of their senses alone. 

Securiton Germany offers reliable solutions for the mobile use of surveillance systems and has developed a technical, unarmed security guard that can be deployed quickly and in any location - the highly flexible and comprehensively equipped SecuriWall M3, which offers maximum mobility. The system solution enables the pragmatic, economical and highly professional protection of your assets. The configuration and composition of the system components can be optimally adapted to suit the respective security requirements and the local conditions. This is ensured by the systems’ modular design. Once the mission is over, all the components can be quickly dismantled again, allowing the system to be relocated as quickly as possible and transported to the next site of operation. This results in maximum mobility with reasonable personnel costs.

System solution for mobile monitoring

SecuriWall M3 is a mobile, modular monitoring system for temporary surveillance and protection operations of any magnitude. It consists of various sensors and cameras as well as image analysis and image recording functions. When combined with intelligent management software, the result is an extremely strong partner for every protection need. We also offer planning tools to help ideally prepare an operation and – as a globally available Securiton service – 24/7 support you can call on at any time.

The nerve pathways of the powerful SecuriWall M3 monitoring system constitute the power and data network on site. Securiton has developed a hybrid cable that can simultaneously transport both power and data. All the sensors and cameras are thus interconnected to form a network. All the data and messages flow into the SecuriWall M3 control centre. As the system comes equipped with its own power supply, it can be operated autonomously.

When it comes to video management, you benefit from an innovative high-performance package: IPS VideoAnalytics combines SecuriWall M3 with intelligent software-based analysis modules for the automatic real-time detection of objects and events in video images. It detects events such as people climbing over fences or directional intrusion into defined zones.

SecuriWall M3 is also equipped with drone detection that detect dangers from the air at distances of up to 7 kilometres. The system solution emits a warning system as soon as a drone remote control is switched on. The location function means that the drone and the remote control (operator) are displayed on the map. The operational possibilities for this are almost limitless. Multiple systems can be combined if desired in order to provide effective and detailed coverage for larger areas. 

Although SecuriWall M3 normally monitors areas within a perimeter of up to 14.4 metres, the open, expandable and modular system is also suitable for smaller objects. As future developments and extensions are easy to integrate, our multi-sensor platform now has drone detection solutions as well as suitable defensive measures. A tailor-made sensor fusion is provided for every need, whether radar, sonar, infrared or other available technologies.

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