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SGW forum with UNMANNED SYSTEMS exhibition

DWT’s (German Association for Defence Technology) and SGW’s (DTW research association) wide range of events in Bonn, Berlin and Brussels includes lectures and discussions with and without an exhibition, as well as workshops, roundtable discussions and parliamentary evenings that provide opportunities for intensive communication and networking.

The military needs to know what is technically feasible and be aware of emerging trends in order to assess which “unmanned capabilities” are relevant for the German armed forces now and which will be so in the future – as well as which defence mechanisms are required.

The DWT is thus offering a wide range of options at the 7th “unmanned symposium”:

  • Counter-UAS: Warding off enemy systemsTeaming unmanned systems in a swarm

  • Teaming unmanned systems in interaction with humans (MMT)

  • News regarding the state of sensors and effectors, guidance and communication

  • Protection and security of unmanned systems (against kinetic or electronic interference from outside)

  • Platform technologies / robotics

  • Future projects with unmanned components (e.g. MGCS and FCAS)

  • Lessons Learned – Experiences with systems in use

  • Experiences / ideas from civil and police application

  • How is the technology deployed? Acceptance procedures / approvals and control rooms for sensors / effectors and platform

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We were on site in June with our system solutions for drone detection and accompanied the exhibition.

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