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SecuriWall M3 – mobility and flexibility at the heart of security

Securiton Defence includes mobile and modular surveillance systems, specially developed for temporary applications in a military environment. These consist of sensors, cameras and image recording for surveillance and protection operations that are for a limited period of time.

Securiton Germany is the reliable partner operating alongside military units. The systems are specially designed for operations with short set-up and commissioning times, as well as monitoring operations with reduced personnel requirements. Simple handling, rapid set-up, maximum flexibility and mobility – military property protection from Securiton is efficient and effective.

When it comes to effectively monitoring military camps, command posts, ammunition depots, airfields or other military objects, the SecuriWall M3 mobile modular monitoring system provides the best possible service. With its wide-awake senses, it detects intrusion attempts by unwanted visitors at lightning speed and without fail. The crew and their material can be sure to be on the safe side around the clock. This not only promotes the feeling of security, but also the level of concentration on the essential tasks. This is because surveillance tasks are simply delegated to the system. The system, unlike humans, is never exhausted, sick or distracted.

In the current trade press publication in "Wehrtechnischer Report”, the central theme is 'Soldier & Technology 2021'. Our SecuriWall M3 mobile system solutions are predestined for the security of armed forces in action.

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