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Nominated for the PROTECTOR Award 2020: IPS VideoManager

Here at Securiton Germany we are delighted about our PROTECTOR Award 2020 nomination: the panel was impressed by the IPS VideoManager 3D VMS, our video management system with fully automatic tracking, which helps security staff to keep track of things in stressful situations.

Thank you for voting for Securiton Germany and the IPS VideoManager 3D VMS.

The innovative IPS 3D technology combines powerful video management with intelligent analysis and georeferencing. IPS VideoManager 3D VMS automatically detects and tracks objects and persons via any number of cameras – manual operation is not required. This takes pressure off security staff and allows them to concentrate on things other than camera control, especially in critical situations.

Another intelligent function which is based on 3D technology is that the corresponding PTZ camera can be adjusted to any position by clicking anywhere on the map. In other words, the operator no longer needs to know which camera to select. The system does this independently. And if the target object moves from one camera swivel range to another, the system automatically switches to the adjacent camera.

Furthermore, external 3D data sources such as drone detection systems can also be connected. In addition to the actual coordinates of the target object (e.g. the drone), other characteristics such as the type of drone or even the location of the pilot are transferred and displayed.

With this unique 3D technology, large properties can be covered perfectly and different security systems, e.g. access control, fence detection, voice alarm, can be linked together. The precise location and tracking of objects using camera images and site plans is therefore greatly simplified by this system.

We would like to thank everyone who gave us and the IPS VideoManager 3D VMS their vote in the video surveillance category. The voting stage ended on 05/06/2020.

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