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Mobile and smart: Effective drone detection

SecuriWall Drone WINGMAN Pro is the smallest and most powerful portable drone detection device on the market. The mobile solution was designed for using quickly and easily in every application environment.

To protect yourself from spying and other attacks, it is necessary to use a drone detection solution to detect unmanned threats from the airspace. For this purpose, Securiton Germany developed the compact SecuriWall Drone WINGMAN Pro system solution. The device is portable and can be used independently on the go, indoors and outdoors. It combines the same techniques that are also used in extensive stationary drone detection systems: DF antennas locate a drone and its remote control based on the transmitted signals that both exchange with each other.

Automated hazard detection directly on the smartphone

It is enough if a drone is switched on within a radius of up to two kilometers. And even if a drone penetrates the detection radius, the unmanned flying object and its remote control are immediately detected. Using the associated app, WINGMAN Pro visualizes the detection results directly on the smartphone or smartwatch. Your own location and the respective position of the drone and remote control are differentiated by color. The distance is determined live and displayed with a threat level (proximity). In addition, the required alarm zones can also be defined and set.

WINGMAN Pro works worldwide

Any drones in the area are reported via the company's own, highly secure SecuriCloud. In addition, the reliability is even broader in order to eliminate possible disturbance variables. SecuriWall Drone WINGMAN Pro has artificial intelligence for evaluating radio signals. The software can judge whether it is a drone with a characteristic flight profile or a stationary router based on the data usage on the individual channels in the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency band and the detection of movement in the bearing.

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