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Detection of and defence against unmanned aerial vehicles

Drone detection systems offer security in the air: Securiton Germany offers highly reliable drone detection systems that are specially designed for military applications. They are capable of detecting not only the unmanned aerial vehicle itself but also the person with the remote control.

The SecuriWall system solution offers protection in airspaces where drones are controlled by a pilot or autonomously via waypoints – at altitudes of up to the permitted 100 metres and more. The precise trajectory of the unmanned aerial system (UAS) is displayed on monitors, allowing users to switch from one camera angle to another. The position of the activated remote control appears on the screen in real time even before the drone takes off. If two or more antennas are connected to a network, drones can be located even more precisely by means of triangulation.

Eyes to the skies
wo antennas locate, classify and identify (by means of camera) the flying device. The system solution itself does not transmit any radio signals and thus remains completely passive. Position, altitude and speed are interactively visualised on the monitors. Our bispectral camera can be controlled by clicking on the detected object and automatically tracks it (by means of intelligent video image analysis), enabling the identification of the drone and any dangerous goods it is transporting. SecuriWall can detect aerial vehicles at a distance of 3,000 to 7,000 metres (depending on the transmission strength of the drone’s remote control). This helps users sight aerial vehicles or the pilot (remote control) early on, allowing them to take countermeasures in good time. Alternatively, Securiton also offers a 3D radar sensor, depending on the customer’s requirements and situation.

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