Securiton Defence

Partner of the military to protect people and material with scalable security solutions

Securiton Defence

Partner of the military to protect people and material with scalable security solutions

Security that focuses on mobility and flexibility

Securiton Germany provides comprehensive system solutions for military forces as a security partner - to protect people and material assets. In addition to maximum scalability, our security solutions are characterised by the highest level of mobility and flexibility.

The efficient system solutions feature intelligent, automatic configuration. All system components starts plug an play during operations.

Various versions of the mobile monitoring systems ensure that an individual solution is provided to protect military infrastructures. Areas within a perimeter of up to 14 kilometres can be monitored in a modular manner that is highly flexible from a technical perspective.


Mobile monitoring

In order to provide effective protection for aircraft, military camps, command posts, munitions dumps and further military infrastructures, now more than ever you need surveillance systems that can keep up with the speed at which matters progress. They need to be technically mature enough to be able to identify and report attackers and unauthorised intruders extremely quickly and with a high level of precision.


Drone security

The protection of areas and personal protection must also include threats from the airspace. The threat from drones must absolutely be included in perimeter protection. Comprehensive drone security systems are scalable from portable handheld devices to 360-degree all-round solution and include detection and defence or controlled takeover of uncooperative drones.

Mobile monitoring by Securiton

When it comes to protecting people and assets, Securiton is the best choice and a reliable partner. We provide you with support from the advice, planning and design stage up to assembly and set-up, as well as servicing and maintenance. 

Securiton Germany specialises in mobile monitoring systems for the temporary monitoring of critical deployment areas. The technology consists of sensors, cameras, video analysis software and recording functions. The systems are designed to be set up quickly and for monitoring to be carried out with minimal personnel resources. Mobile monitoring means monitoring that is limited in terms of time using mobile devices. Security institutions and their personnel receive support in monitoring people and properties.

System Solutions

About us

The love of innovation, vision, stability of a family-run group of companies and a great deal of experience and specialisation characterises Securiton Germany. With our expertise and sophisticated system solutions, we offer our customers a unique range of products and services. 

Securiton Germany currently employs around 400 specialists, dual students and apprentices at 16 locations and has established itself as a system and solution provider for alarm and security systems in Germany over the course of more than four decades.

Company Information

Range of services

Securiton Germany stands for professional advice and support, even at the analysis stage for specific security situations. The experts work together with the customers to assess the possible hazards and risks. 

The design and detailed planning takes place on an individual basis and is tailored to the needs of the customer. Securiton carries out the assembly and turnkey installation, as well as servicing and maintenance to ensure the security of the system’s assets, as a security provider in accordance with the “one-stop shop” principle.


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