Mission statement

Philosophy and culture at Securiton

Securiton guarantees the highest level of security and quality

We are all working towards the same thing at Securiton - our mission

We want to create a high level of satisfaction, passion and enthusiasm with all the people we encounter. We support our customers in preserving lives and values and in order to do so, you receive the best, highest-quality and most innovative solutions from us. 

In doing so, we reveal our impressive flexibility and speed, and are valued as an honest and reliable partner. In order to be successful, we also ensure that we always provide our employees with a secure environment in which they can grow and develop personally and professionally.

Our nine company values are the basis for our everyday work and we adhere to these actively and consistently in our work: :


Honesty is particularly important to us because we want to create trust amongst one another and with our customers. We want to be reliable at all times and act in a predictable manner.

Our specialist expertise is the basis for providing high-quality advice, needs assessments and project implementation.

A high level of independent motivation is a key aspect of our work. Since we are highly motivated, we can impress both our customers and our colleagues.

Only with a courageous approach can we develop ideas which guarantee that we are always ahead of our competitors.

Quality creates a high level of customer satisfaction. This is important to us because it is a vital building block for our company‚Äôs success. 

Independence creates a high level of motivation for employees and identification with the company.

Team spirit
Working as a team is important to us because we achieve better quality together than we could alone.

The willingness of every employee to take on responsibility encourages teamwork and motivates us to always do our best for our customers.

Valuing each individual is the guarantee for long-term company success and a high level of employee satisfaction.

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