Association activities

Advantages of a strong security community

Cooperating on new approaches to solutions

Overarching trade associations provide Securiton with important platforms, as cooperating on new technological approaches is an important part of our work. Regular communication, e.g. in specialist committees, results in a greater sharing of knowledge and new approaches to solutions.

International Security Ligue

As a member of the Securitas Group Switzerland, we have stood for technical security at the highest level since our foundation and are affiliated to the International Security Ligue, a worldwide association of private security companies that has shaped the specifications and standards of the security industry for over 80 years. The CEO Armin Berchtold of our company group currently holds the position of Secretary General in the Ligue.

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BDSV – German Association of Security and Defence Industry

The BDSV was started its operations in January 2010. The German Security and Defence Industry (SDI) consists of major globally operating companies as well as highly innovative SMEs. The member companies of the BDSV are highly qualified suppliers and partners of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) and of the ministries entrusted with responsibilities regarding national security. The member companies are committed to intensify international and European security and defence cooperation.

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DWT German Association for Defence Technology

The GERMAN ASSOCIATION FOR DEFENCE TECHNOLOGY (DWT) is a non-profit association dedicated to the provision of state security in the Federal Republic of Germany. It aims to promote knowledge of key issues of security and defence policy, defence and security technology and the defence industry. 

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UAV DACH – Association for Unmanned Aviation

The UAV DACH has been in existence for 19 years and is the largest German-speaking trade association for unmanned aviation in Europe. It represents the interests of over 185 members from research, production and application in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. UAV DACH e.V. stands for acceptance, security, reliability, quality and promotion of unmanned aviation and leverages its members’ expertise to support the development of regulations and laws on a national and international level. 

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BHE German Association for Safety and Security Technology

BHE is the overarching trade association for companies that manufacture, plan and/or install products and systems for preventive security technology. With more than 560 member companies, BHE is a first-class communication and information platform for everyone involved in security. The integration of installers, planning companies and manufacturers results in a lively exchange of experience and opinions between the member companies. 

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ZVEI – Central Association of the German Electrical and Electronics Industry

As one of the 1,600 member companies of the ZVEI, Securiton engages in initiatives to exchange experience and opinions concerning current technical, economic, legal and sociopolitical topics in the electrical industry. The ZVEI is committed to promoting the common interests of the electrical industry in Germany and overseas. 

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BDSW Federal Association of German Security Companies

The Federal Association of German Security Companies (BDSW) not only engages in scientific and commercial issues, it also champions the interests of the security industry in political and official spheres. Like Securiton, the remaining 850 BDSW member companies provide premium services including airport security, protection of power stations, military facilities and industrial plants. 

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VfS Association for Security Technology

As a brand offering electronic security solutions within a demanding market sector, Securiton is also a member of the Association for Security Technology (VfS). Since 1994, this association has dedicated itself to industrial security issues and logistical problems in areas where security is particularly crucial. This includes e.g. banks, railway networks, airports, industry, hospitals, forensic institutions and penal institutions. This membership has spawned a network of experts and resulting best synergies, which we exploit. 

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